Why We Like Bernie (As If You Didn’t Already!)

With the presidential primaries in full swing, and the crazy year of a thousand hopefuls finally narrowing down to the top few candidates, we’re left to pick from the “real” candidates and figure out who is the best bet going forward.

From the Democratic side, the only two choices are really Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, since the others (led by Jim Webb, O’Malley, and Chaffee) are all so far behind there’s no hope of catching up. Hell, one recent poll showed them lagging miles behind Joe Biden, who isn’t even running!

Our Pick: Bernie Sanders

bernie sandersIn our view, the best bet is by far Bernie Sanders.

The reason? Education, education, education…and a little bit of Wall Street anger.

By far the best part of  Sanders’ platform is his stance that getting a good education means going to a reputable college, and that having a college degree is the equivalent of what having a high school degree 40-50 years ago meant.

In other words, if you don’t have a college degree in today’s world, you’re virtually unemployable and are relegated to low-wage jobs for your entire life.

It’s sad but true, and yet there are a surprising number of American families who have yet have a single family member go to college. Compare that to the fact that children of college graduates are about 100x more likely to graduate from college, the wage differences between college graduates and high school graduates, and you start to see a real picture of the American class system.

Then, factor in that Bernie’s plan makes Wall Street pay for a free college education system, and you see why we have a clear winner.

Not only is it essential to help break down class barriers, but it’s in our national economic best interest to produce highly educated individuals. That’s the only way that we, as a country, are going to be able to remain competitive in an international marketplace. Education leads to innovation, and future prosperity.

We just have to invest in it today!



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