Welcome to Gossip and Vice!

Welcome to the relaunch of gossipandvice.com!

gossipandvice relaunchOnce a purely gossip and style magazine, we’ve decided to completely rethink our role in the world, and expand our focus to talk about not just what’s going on with Katie Perry or the next hot Voice winner, but also to share some prominent news about education, culture, and society.

So, we plan on breaking the site down into several main categories for our blog posts.

  1. Society and Style: This is, you guessed it!, a throwback to our early days, and while we’re not going to spend as much time and focus on this topic in the future, we still hope to include some of the important updates.
  2. Arts and Culture. To be perfectly honest, this is my new favorite topic, and something I really want to be focusing in on as we move the blog forward. We’ll be sharing some of our views on everything from music to art to the best and hottest books of the year, so stay tuned for updates!
  3. Education. Finally, we decided that no blog would be complete without a primary cause and political issue to champion. Our issue is education and, more specifically, the right for everyone to enjoy the highest quality education possible, at the lowest possible price! So, we’ll be sharing news and updates along this front as they appear.

That’s it for this post, and I hope you stay tuned as we start providing more info and updates on each of these topics!


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