Our Favorite Voice Excerpts of the Current Season

Ok, so you may or may not know this, but here at Gossip and Vice we’re all insanely passionate fans of The Voice, the American Idol-esque show on NBC that’s currently running in it’s 8th season.

Unlike the other talent shows, The Voice stands out for two reasons: 1) They have people that can actually sing, unlike the others that bring on tone deaf idiots to make a show out of them, and 2) The judges actually give insightful criticism, and don’t just yell at the contestants.

And, the fact that the judges (in the first round at least) can’t see the contestants, leads to some interesting choices of characters that might not otherwise be in the running.

Anyway, since the 8th season is in full swing, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite clips from the show.


Sydney Rhame’s Audition with Photograph

Definitely one of my favorite of the blind auditions, and it helps that I love Ed Sheeran.

Amy Vachal singing Dream a Little Dream of Me

My other favorite artist of Season 9 is Amy Vachal, a NY-based indie-singer. She absolutely steals the crowd and judges in this acoustic performance.

Battle Rounds!

Finally, I thought I’d share my favorite battle, with Jordan Smith and Regina Love. Two incredibly powerful voices that don’t just compete, but work together to give an absolutely stellar performance!


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